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Frequently Asked Questions

Example: You degated 100 (WSGB) x Epoch #43 reward rate 0,431% = 0,431 x 5% = 0,02 x 5.4 = 0,108 sFORT.

$FORT will exclusively be minted by Flare Oracle delegators every epoch they delegate $WSGB to the Flare Oracle price provider. The total weekly rewards in $FORT is the total $SGB rewards of the current epoch × 5% × 2e. Delegators of Flare Oracle will have the opportunity to mint a higher share of sFortuna when they delegate more $WSGB and/or the reward rate of the price provider is higher.. * By Flare Oracle price provider we refer to the Songbird Address: 0x1B00870092a929D160492daf8E734b4bCA033266

Exchanging sFORT for $SGB on decentralized exchanges Spending sFORT tokens in the sFORT gallery 1. Buying at the exposition 2. Minting a collection at minting events 3. Bidding at Auctions Gamble and gaming with sFORT Spending sFORT in the Metaverse at the Flare Oracle headquarters More detailed information in the whitepaper: click here.

The sFORT is distributed relatively equal to all delegators based on the amount of $SGB they delegated this epoch. Machine NFTs the delegator holds in his wallet will count as a multiplier exclusively for the sFORT rewards based on the following ratio: 1 machine = 1.1 2 machines = 1.15 3 machines = 1.175 This rule applies to a maximum of 3 machines. How can I mint the machine?

1. When you own 8 gears you can assemble the machine here.

2. Buy the complete set of the 8 gears from another user on the market and go to the machine assembler.

3. Buy a machine directly from another user on the market: click here.


All of the above will bring you multiplier benefits in the sFORT token distribution system.