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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a linear timeline and every week you will be rewarded with an NFT.

You start with 500SGB to farm the following rewards:

1st week – Guest of Honour #1
2nd week – GEAR 1
3rd week – GEAR 2
4th week – Guest of Honour #2

Now you have all the Guest of Honour NFTs and you can claim your 1st rare NFT.

To continue farming in the Noblest of Men & Women circle you need to delegate a minimum of 1500SGB.

After completing the Noblest you can become a King or Queen and you will delegate a minimum of 4500SGB to continue.

Go to and connect your Metamask wallet, If you use Bifrost or Dcent wallet browse to within the bookmarks tab and connect with Bifrost or Dcent.

Click on all the NFTs you are allowed to claim and scroll down to see your gallery.