sFortuna utility token with many usecases

sFORT is the token used in our NFT auctions, galleries, minting events and even games. A free extra bonus token exclusively for delegators of Flare Oracle.

What is sFORT?

The $FORTuna utility token from Flare Oracle is designed as a bonus reward for the Flare Oracle delegator. $FORT will have a wide variety of use cases that will be welcomed by NFT collectors and yield chasers inside the Flare Oracle community

Delegating to Flare Oracle gives the delegator both $SGB and $FORT rewards. $SGB and $FORT rewards are both based on the amount of $WSGB someone delegates times the reward rate of our price provider. The $FORT is distributed relatively equal to all delegators based on the amount of $SGB they delegated this epoch.

#FORT is a utility token” It is wise to not see this as an attractive investment product. You get FORT as a loyalty bonus reward. We believe the real value is in the #Flare and #Songbird Networks’ real-world solutions. Having said that the FORT you’ll be distributed is an incredibly entertaining, fun, and free (apart from delegators fees) loyalty reward system. That comes with its own #NFT exhibitions, auctions, and games. Both in and outside of the metaverse. “Keep your #FLR & #SGB delegated at FO while spending FORT on collectibles.

You get sFORT on top of your Songbird delegation rewards and Flare delegation rewards.

How to add sFORT to your wallet

To use sFORT you need to be connected to the Songbird Network:

Network Name: Songbird
New RPC URL: https://songbird.towolabs.com/ext/bc/C/rpc
Chain ID: 19
Currency Symbol (optional): SGB
Block Explorer URL (optional): https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/

To import Songbird tokens use this address in the “import tokens” section:


To import sFORT tokens use this address in the “import tokens” section:



$FORT will exclusively be minted by Flare Oracle delegators every epoch they delegate $WSGB to the Flare Oracle price provider*.

The total weekly rewards in $FORT is the total $SGB rewards of the current epoch × 5% × 2e.

Delegators of Flare Oracle will have the opportunity to mint a relatively equal share of $FORT every epoch based on the amount of $WSGB they assigned to Flare Oracle*.

What are the sFORT token use cases?

a. Exchanging $FORT for $SGB on decentralized exchanges
b. Spending $FORT tokens in the $FORT gallery

  1. Buying at the exposition
  2. Minting a collection at minting events
  3. Bidding at Auctions

c. Gamble and gaming with $FORT
d. Spending $FORT in the Metaverse at the Flare Oracle headquarters
e. $FORT as a reward for staking or burning NFTs