What are rNFTs and NFTs from Flare Oracle FTSO

Delegators of the Flare Oracle FTSO receive weekly NFT rewards. Some of these NFT rewards on nft.flareoracle.io are more rare than others they are called the rNFTs. The program for rNFTs might currently not be active but NFTs and Gear NFTs are still claimable on the nft.flareoracle website. 

Below is an overview of all the NFTs that went by in the nft.flareoracle.io rewards program. In the future, you will be able to buy the bonus rewards with sFort a token claimable by all Flare Oracle delegators.

The old program is closed for new delegators if you are new to Flare Oracle the new reward system can be found here: app.flareoracle.io

If you have a wallet that was delegating anywhere before Epoch 42 and you want to claim more NFTs/Gears or machines please click the button below.

Flare Oracle Rare Tokens