Multiply your weekly sFortuna rewards.

How to get more weekly sFORT rewards with the machine NFT.

What is the sFORT Machine NFT

Delegating to Flare Oracle gives the delegator both $SGB and $FORT rewards. $SGB and $FORT rewards are both based on the amount of $WSGB someone delegates times the reward rate of our price provider. The $FORT is distributed relatively equal to all delegators based on the amount of $SGB they delegated this epoch. Machine NFTs the delegator holds in his wallet will count as a multiplier exclusively for the $FORT rewards based on the following ratio:
1 machine = 1.1
2 machines = 1.15
3 machines = 1.175
This rule applies to a maximum of 3 machines. To claim the $FORT from the contract, the delegator needs to use the tools provided on (release date unknown at the time of writing). $FORT that is left unclaimed for 4 epochs will be transferred to the $FORT NFT staking and NFT burning pool.

sFORT is token used in NFT auctions, galleries, miniting events and even games within and outside the metaverse.

If you are interested in sFortuna bonus rewards you can read more on the utility and usecases here. 

How can you get a Machine NFT

Gears are available by delegating to Flare Oracle, a complete set of 8 gears gives the user to assemble them into the machine NFT. You can assamble the machine on webpage. There you can connect your wallet, click approve assemble, and finally click claim sFORT Machine NFT.

Another way to acquire the machine NFT is to buy it from someone else on the market or buy all the 8 gears from someone on the market and assemble the machine on